1 of 1 Tom Brady Mosaic | The $10,000+ G.O.A.T Card

1 of 1 Tom Brady Mosaic | The $10,000+ G.O.A.T Card

Ya down wit FCB?! Yea you know me, Anthony G, the head of the B-L-O-G here at Fractional Card Breaks! Happy 2nd day of March to all of you and for those of you that joined the discord server and subscribed to our channels this week we welcome and thank you! As you all know this past Saturday we had our huge free giveaway for all of our discord members just to show our love for ya’ll. We pulled a couple nice cards especially the Red, White and Blue T-LAW!!  Congrats to all the giveaway winners!

Last night we broke (2) 2021 NFL Panini Mosaic Hobby boxes and like always there was some fireeeeeee. Lets start things off with the case hit Davante Adams Stained Glass Peacock!! After that we hit the Mosaic Black Tom Brady 1/1!!! Need we say more?? This break was absolutely insane.
Honestly need we say more.

Tom Brady 1 of 1.                                        Tom Brady Mosaic Black 1 of 1 1/1

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