All-Star Weekend 3-Box Break 2/20

All-Star Weekend 3-Box Break 2/20

Ya down wit FCB?! Yea you know me, Anthony G, the head of the B-L-O-G here at Fractional Card Breaks and I am here to welcome you to the 2nd FCB Blog Post! For those of you that joined the discord server and subscribed to our channels this week we welcome and thank you! Here at FCB we are looking to do more than just break boxes. We are looking to build a community with people that share a passion for sports and sports memorabilia. We couldn’t do this without all of you! 

So before we get to the break results, let's congratulate Obi Toppin on winning the NBA Slam Dunk Contest and becoming the 3rd New York Knick to do so. All in all, I thought the contest was pretty lackluster, but I know I can’t dunk like that soooooo nice job Obi-Wan lol. 

And Away We Gooooooo…

Last night we broke (1) 2020-21 Panini Illusions Hobby Box, (1) 2020-21 Panini Flux Hobby Box, and (1) Panini Mosaic Blaster Box. But, before the knife could cut the plastic, we had ourselves another giveaway entitled, “Better Late Than Never” because once again, a last minute entry won!!! Any member of our discord channel who entered the key words “2/20 Entry” locked up a spot. Congratulations to Evil2Jai winning (2) Panini Select Packs! Thank you for joining our discord server and good luck on future giveaways. 

*Cue the Pokemon Lofi music* (voted on in our discord server) 😉

First came the SPARK in the Blaster Box. We pulled a nice Rookie Green & Blue James Wiseman for the Golden State Warriors.

Then came the FIRE in the Hobby Box. For the Brooklyn Nets we pulled a KD! Kevin Durant 2 outta 5!!! Follow that up with a hit for the L.A. Clippers…Kawhi Leonard Emerald Green 2 outta 5!!!! Another hit shortly after that going out to the Milwaukee Bucks, Bobby Portis 3/10. We had a Lamelo rookie base sighting, Lamar Stevens, Kevin Porter Jr.,and Pascal Siakam all /99, a little Ay Bey Bey -Saddiq Bey- Rookie Vision and last but not least we scored a Mason Jones RPA for the Philadelphia 76ers! 

Kevin Durant Out of 5.                                        Kawhi Leonard Out of 5!

Time to FLUX our muscles 💪 Started the box off with an In Flux Cole Anthony followed by a Flow Motion Lamelo Ball for the Hornets. Finally a non rookie base Lamelo!

Another 2 hits came for the L.A. Clippers with a Paul George /75 and Nicolas Batum /99. Clippers were eatin this break! We saw a nice John Wall Stratosphere for the Rockets and a Rookie Auto for the Suns, Ty-Shon Alexander. And just “encase” you missed it we pulled an uncirculated 6/25 Jordan Nwora encased for the Milwaukee Bucks. 

Good way to end the All-Star weekend. Really really good break, chat was pumped.

Be Sure To get into tonight’s 2-box NFL Mosaic Hobby Box Break poppin off @11pm est. Mac? Trey? Zach? T-law? Fields? Which 1/1 do you want to see? Let us know in our discord server! Fcb has a way of pullin them bangers when people start askin for ‘em! 

*Be sure to join our discord server this week and gain your entry into our HUGE GIVEAWAY February 26th!*

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