Deshaun Watson is a Free Man! But how??

Deshaun Watson is a Free Man! But how??

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Ya down wit FCB?! Yea you know me, Anthony G, the head of the B-L-O-G here at Fractional Card Breaks! Huge week in sports as you have all seen, Russell Wilson, Lebron, & now Deshaun Watson. For those of you that joined the Discord server and subscribed to our channels this week we welcome and thank you!

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So, not only did Russell Wilson go to the Denver Broncos, which many people thought they over paid. (2 first rounders, plus more for a QB who doesn't want to run anymore).  Lebron James also got hilariously put on Ice skates by Eric Gordon. 
But now Massage Watson himself is a free man, charged with absolutely nothing.

The National Football League was investigating Watson for nearly a year, as he initially faced 22 civil lawsuits alleging sexual misconduct in massage sessions. That's right 22 lawsuits. The ongoing cases made it difficult for the league and the Houston Texans to take any action regarding a possible suspension or trade. Which completely put the Texans in a horrible position for the 2021 season, and put rookie QB Davis Mills at the helm.

Today, he was acquitted of all charges. After a 6 hour trial beginning at 9am this morning, he was found not guilty. Not sure how, even though he reportedly was getting a bit too frisky. WELP that's not our business! We are just excited to see him play again, but where next?

Note: Watson collected a $10.5 million salary in 2021 while sitting out the entire season.

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