St Paddys Day Break & Giveaway!

St Paddys Day Break & Giveaway!

Ya down wit FCB?! Yea you know me, Anthony G, the head of the B-L-O-G here at Fractional Card Breaks! Hope everyone had a safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day yesterday. As for us, we pulled some Gold outta the (2) 2021 NFL Mosaic Hobby Boxes last night anddddd hosted another FREE giveaway. Was it your lucky night? If so, congratulations and thank you for support in joining our discord server. We really do appreciate you! If it wasn’t your night last night, no sweat! Come back next time and try your luck again. Also, always keep an eye on the discord throughout the day….ya never know what we may surprise you with. Onto The Giveaway…..

As a member of our discord, if you typed the words “ST PADDYS GIVEAWAY”, you secured yourself a slot! We gave away an official FCB Hoodie to the winner RaiderFamily86. Congratulations brotha and thank you for your support.
Let’s Dive Into The First Box….

1st two packs, 1st two autos! Right off the bat we pull a Rookie Auto for New Orleans, Payton Turner, followed up by a Diontae Johnson Auto for Pittsburgh, should age well, dude is a baller! We followed those up with a Leonard Floyd /99 for LA Rams and last but not least a White Mosaic 14/25 Ottis Anderson for the Cardinals. Who wanted some gold on St. Pattys Day???

2nd Box brought us some GOLDDDD at the end of the rainbow, some Red and Gold that is, when we popped a Rookie Auto Trey Lance for the 49ers!!! Will next year be his time to shine?? Had a cool porkchop auto in this box too, Kyle Long for the KC Chiefs. Justin Jefferson showed face with a nice Blue 25/99 JJ. We finished the night out with 2 birds both outta 99 with a Chris Carson Overdrive 91/99 for Seattle and a Rookie 31/99 Tylan Wallace for the Ravens.

If you haven’t already, please do join our discord server. We try and keep it lively each and every day, and now with trades and offseason shizzz happening there is always something to talk about. We will be doing a discord giveaway soon for some cool FCB merch and maybe some free packs along the way. We also just had some FCB wristbands made and we will be donating a portion of the proceeds to charity so if you can, pop into the discord and just message us that you would like one. Have a great weekend everybody and thanks for tuning in! ~AG out~

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