Welcome to the VERY 1st FCB Blog Post!

Welcome to the VERY 1st FCB Blog Post!

Ya down wit FCB?! Yea you know me, Anthony G, the head of the B-L-O-G here at Fractional Card Breaks and I am here to welcome you to the VERY 1st FCB Blog Post! Hopefully we didn’t break any hearts last night on Valentine’s Day, but we sure did break some cards! Before we get started just want to give a shout out to the Los Angeles Rams on becoming the Superbowl champs and a huge congratulations to the Superbowl MVP Cooper Kupp. Lets not forget to thank Joe Burrow and them Bengals for giving it all they had and giving us a great game to watch. We know we will be seeing them again in the years to come with all that talent they have surrounding the ball. So without further ado lets get to da break!

We kicked things off with a Giveaway to the first 6 members that shouted “2/14 FREE ENTRY” in our Discord! Big winner was Steve C.(Neat22) with the Tutu Atwell Jersey piece /199

Last night we broke (2) NFL 2021 Mosaic Hobby Boxes and of course FCB did not disappoint. First box we pulled a pink Trey Lance out of 49, and it’s going to age well. If Jimmy G can get carried to the playoffs, Trey is going to make it easy. After that we pulled an out of 10 Hall of Famer Jim Kelly Center Stage insert, and this was won by someone who picked up the available Bills on our live stream! To finish up we snagged a nice Silver Blue Chips Mac Jones.


Next box, we snagged a gorgeous pink Russell Wilson out of 49 and a pink Nick Chubb out of 49 to go with it. Decent pulls for the Browns, and Seahawks. Makes you think, where the heck is WIlson going to end up in the 2022? We’re thinking a little Buccaneers action… but we do not think he’s staying in Seattle. To end the box, we pulled another Hall of Famer AUTO! William “The Refrigerator” Perry. Now he might not be in the Football Hall of Fame but he is in the WWE Hall of Fame!

The stream was hot, the autos were decent, so we broke open a FREE cello pack of Prizm for everyone who bought a team. Get used to that, we love to throw in free packs, free boxes and keep everyone excited to be involved with FCB. WIth that pack we got another auto for the 49ers Deommodore Lenoir. Who knows where he will be in years to come, and to add to it, a nice Devonta Smith Red White and Blue rookie card!

Very clean Valentines Day break, and with a very active chat and a lot of fun. We are growing and we want to take the hobby to the next level. So thank you to everyone who joined, and for all the love and support. 

2022 is going to be big.

Be sure to join our Discord and gain a free entry into our….

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