FCB's Breaker Commandments

⓵ Two free packs given out at random every break!

Keep an eye out in your package

⓶ 100% Secure Next-Day Shipping

Bubble wrap, Top Loaders, Sleeves. Always.

⓷ Most Interactive Interface for Breaking on Youtube!

We want you entertained and involved. It's gotta be fun!

⓸ All cards are shipped

Of course you get your base cards!

⓹ No starting bid price on teams or items, always 99¢ for life!

For any eBay auction, boxes & single cards.

⓺ Discounts on shipping for multiple teams bought.

Free shipping on orders through the website over 200.

⓻ Free Giveaways on our lives streams, make sure to tune in!

We always give out a box or packs live, watch a stream and you might get lucky!

⓼ We actually care.

Too many breakers do it for the money, we do it for the hobby.

Our goal is to be your favorite breakers. Plain and simple. Fractional Card Breaks values every supporter we have, so we listen. We take in to consideration all feedback and try to implement what we can as fast as possible!
We now:
  • Do next day shipping on every break.
  • Have a new live-interactive youtube interface.
  • We vote on break songs.
  • Our latest addition was the Discord Server!
Keep the feedback coming in and we will keep supplying you with fire pulls and good entertainment along the way.

- FCB Team