Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Fractional Box Break?

A fractional box break is where people share a box of cards by getting a fraction of packs within the box rather than dividing up the product by teams or players!

Through the years at our shop we have found that the community loves this change of pace, as it is a cheaper alternative to buying a high end team or an entire box while still getting in on the action!

We were happy to be the first to bring this online!

What is a Group Break?

Group breaks allow you to share a box or case of cards between multiple people.

There are different types of group breaks:

  • Team Break – Simply Pick your Team and you get all cards from your team. Prices vary per team.
  • Random Break – All prices for each team are the same and your purchase entitles you to one randomized team. Teams are randomized live and you are assigned a team.
  • Fractional Break - Each purchase guarantees you a fraction of the box/case. All prices are the same.
When will my Box Break happen?

If it is a Pick Your Team break, we will break the same day!

If it is a random team/fractional break, the break must be “Sold Out” before we can unbox live. Some products (especially if it’s a new release) may sell out and fill faster than other products. When you break has sold out we will notify you, and break the following day!

When will my order ship? Where is my tracking number?

Our team will have your cards sent out to you Next-Day GUARANTEED. Once a label is printed you will be emailed a tracking number. If you have not yet received tracking, either the package has not shipped yet or it may have been combined with another order you placed.

When will pre-orders be posted for New Releases?

Typically pre-orders for new releases are posted 9-10 days before release day.

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Do you ship base cards?

YES! We ship all base cards. If you don't want them, please let us know and we will donate them!

How do you protect my cards?

Autos, Relics and High Value Rookies/Inserts will be sleeved & top loaded! Your parallels will be sleeved!

If a player is traded, does the card go to the team printed or the current team?

The card will go to the printed team. People are bidding based on the printed team as a whole.

A product is sold out, when does new inventory come in?

Usually new boxes come in weekly, but it depends on the product. Feel free to email us as well to get an update.

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